The BANCO Swiss Hedge Funds Awards

Next edition:
Thursday October 31, 2019 at 7 pm
in Geneva

​​Now in their 13th year, the BANCO Swiss Hedge Funds Awards are the first hedge funds and FoHF awards in Switzerland. Launched by the magazine BANCO in 2006 in order to offer its institutional readers a distinct perception of the best available alternative portfolios, they are also one of the few awards of this kind to rely on both a quantitative screening and a qualitative assessment by a jury. Founded in 1996, BANCO has been the first media in Switzerland to offer a regular coverage on hedge funds and to make investors more aware of these products.


For 23 years, BANCO The Swiss Asset Management Magazine has been a household name in the populated world of financial magazines. To stand out in the crowd, BANCO chose to target institutional investors as its primary readership. By offering forward-thinking views on investment trends and providing objective and insightful advice on investment opportunities, BANCO has become a trusted guide for investment professionals in Switzerland. With articles focusing notably on collective investments, portfolio optimization or legal developments in the fields of occupational retirement planning, BANCO provides clear and useful information for investors all over Switzerland!


Rewarding the best hedge funds and funds of hedge funds in Switzerland since 2006