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IG Bank


IG is a global leader in online trading and the world’s No.1 provider of CFDs*: versatile trading products, allowing users to profit from positive or negative movements in shares, indices, forex and commodities, without having to own the underlying instrument. IG obtained the Swiss banking license and opened its Swiss premises in Geneva in October 2014.


With over 40 years of industry know-how, IG provides to private and institutional clients in Switzerland: 


  • Access to over 10'000 markets

  • Sophisticated trading tools, backed by powerful technology

  • Low margins and competitive charging

  • Expert analysis and insights

  • Client skills training such as seminars, webinards and ongoing support. 


IG Bank S.A. registered address at 42 Rue du Rhône, 1204 Geneva. Authorised and regulated by FINMA. 


FTSE 250-listed IG Group Holdings Plc has a market capitalization of CHF 4 billion (Jan. 2015) and is present in Switzerland since October 2014, with IG Bank.


*Largest retail CFD provider by revenue (excluding FX). Source: Published financial statements, as of July 2014


More information on:


Philippe Yacoub, Head of Institutional Sales

+41 - (0)22 888 10 52 -

Key Investment Services (KIS) SA


KIS’s core activities focus around the research and distribution of asset management and risk management products able to face the concerns and challenges of institutions, family offices and private clients.


KIS provides independent advice and adequate solutions for the implementation of an optimal and controlled risk/return profile, through a wide selection of investment vehicles – among which some are hard to access – are part of KIS’s strategy.

KIS’s shareholders include all employees of the company.


    William Wuthrich, CEO

+41 - (0)21 804 80 70 -


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