2019 Press release

Winners of the BANCO Swiss Hedge Funds Awards shine bright in a dismal industry

The 13th BANCO Swiss Hedge Funds Awards unveil the 22 best single hedge funds and funds of hedge funds available to Swiss investors. The winners were elected by a jury including institutional investors and pension fund advisors. Competing in 9 different categories over 1, 3, 5 and 10 years, some funds stand out with performances reaching beyond 20% a year.

Lausanne, October 31, 2019 –  The 13th ceremony of the BANCOawards took place on Thursday 31 October in Geneva (Switzerland), unveiling the name of 11 single hedge funds and 11 funds of hedge funds that stand out as the best available in Switzerland (see list below). Among them, half are restricted to institutional investors – who form the vast majority of BANCO’s readership.
While double-digit annual performances are not common in the hedge fund industry, this year’s competition has seen portfolios deliver returns above 20%. This shows that there are indeed managers that still have what it takes to beat the market.
As always, all funds entered the race on a voluntary basis. They had to submit all data regarding the evolution of their net asset value, as well as the complete list of their holdings (as of 31.12 2018) to the scrutiny of the Jury of the BANCO Swiss Hedge Funds Awards. The fact that participants are required to disclose their holdings to the panel is testament to their high level of transparency, which is a crucial aspect of the competition.
Members of the BANCOawards Jury include two pension fund managers (Grégoire Haenni, pension fund of the state of Geneva CPEG, and Nicolas Salomon, CERN Pension Fund), one adviser to pension funds (André Augustin, KIS Key Investment Services), and one fund administrator (Christian Carron, Gérifonds).
During the ceremony hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Indira C. Tasan, Chairman of the Jury and Editor-in-Chief of BANCO, the Swiss Asset Management Magazine, said: “The global hedge fund industry is often under fire for its high fees and poor returns. The problem might be that observers often look at “averages”. The nominees and the winners of the BANCOawards tell quite a different story, with some outstanding performances and an often remarkable resistance to volatility.”
Pictures from the ceremony of the BANCOawards 2019 will be published in the next edition of BANCO, but will also be available on www.bancoawards.com in the coming days. 


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